Review Review: Because Who Needs Good Grades Anyway?

I recently stumbled upon, and I must say, the experience was like no other. It’s the perfect tool for those who want to torture themselves with mediocre essays while also wasting their money. I was intrigued by the idea of an AI-powered writing tool, but as I delved deeper, the novelty wore off quickly. Let’s just say that my experience with left me feeling a bit salty. Overview

At first glance, seems like a dream come true for anyone struggling with essay writing. The website claims to use AI technology to generate essays quickly and accurately, saving students time and stress. The user interface is indeed simple and straightforward, with easy-to-navigate menus and options.

However, the reality of is quite different from what is promised on the website. While the tool does offer a plagiarism checker and a basic grammar checker, these features are far from accurate or reliable. The plagiarism checker often misses blatant instances of plagiarism and sometimes flags non-plagiarized content as plagiarized. The grammar checker, on the other hand, only catches the most obvious errors and misses more nuanced mistakes.


The pricing structure of is quite simple. The tool offers a monthly subscription for $9.95, which is not the most expensive writing tool out there, but it's certainly not the cheapest either. However, considering the poor quality of the essays generated by the tool, even this seemingly low price is not worth it.

What's particularly frustrating about the price tag is that there is no free trial option available. This means that potential customers have to pay upfront without even getting a chance to try out the tool and see if it works for them. This lack of a free trial is a major red flag and suggests that the tool is not confident in its own abilities.

Additionally, the fact that there is no option for revisions is another major drawback. Even if a customer pays the monthly subscription fee, they are stuck with whatever essay the tool generates for them, regardless of how poor the quality may be. This lack of a revision option is a clear indication that the tool is not interested in providing quality writing assistance to its customers.

Pros and Cons

Pros: The only two redeeming qualities of are that it can generate an essay outline and that it offers a decent plagiarism check. However, these features are not enough to justify the tool’s existence.

Cons: Firstly, the paraphrasing feature of makes the text nearly unreadable. It replaces words with synonyms that don’t make sense in the context, leaving the reader baffled. Secondly, the chat support system is poor, and the responses are delayed. Thirdly, the grammar check feature is very basic and misses even the most obvious errors. Finally, there is no free trial or revision option, making it a risky investment.

Customer Reviews

I scoured the internet for customer reviews on, and let me tell you, they were not pretty. Here are a few examples:

  • “ is a scam. The tool is useless, and the customer support is even worse. Stay away.”
  • “I tried, and it was a waste of my time and money. The essays generated were gibberish, and the tool’s paraphrasing feature made them unreadable.”
  • “I would not recommend to anyone. The tool is a joke, and the customer support is nonexistent.”


In conclusion, is not worth your time, money, or energy. The tool’s features are lackluster, and the quality of the essays generated is abysmal. The customer support is also below par, and the fact that there is no free trial or revision option is a red flag. In short, steer clear of if you value your sanity and your grades.